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5 Tips For Getting Fitness Results

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January represents a fresh start, a new beginning - an adventure! A whole new year is laid out before you, full of possibilities. What will you do with it?

Good Health And Fitness Is An Adventure

What so many people don't realize at the beginning of their journey, is how improved health doesn't just help you lose weight or look better or manage your chronic health issues - it literally transforms your life. 

There are so many reasons people start to waver when it comes to their results - and for many it's about a lack of discipline.

Five Tips For Getting Those Results
  1. Don't Start Big, Start Consistent

Steady, incremental changes are what get results. Starting too big, too soon will result in getting discouraged and quitting if you aren't consistent. Choose a realistic routine and stick with it.

  1. Mind Your Mindset

Getting in good physical shape actually starts in your mind! Identify your motivation for getting fit, and give yourself lots of positive reinforcement. Notice resistance when it's happening and identify the triggers that lead to discouragement. Surround yourself with people who support you. Visualize yourself at your ideal weight/physique. Write down your goals!

  1. Fuel Your Body

Be sure you are fueling up by staying hydrated and consuming foods that give you sustained energy. Avoid the sugar crash - eat quality food. Get enough rest! Practice healthy sleep habits.

  1. Just Say No To Boring Workouts

You aren't going to stick to a workout you hate. If you don't like a certain activity - don't do it! Instead, replace it with something you ARE interested in. Something that feels fun and not like such a chore. Exercise isn't supposed to be boring or unpleasant. That’s why we love Core9.

  1. Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

You don't have to spend hours a day working out. Not only that, but if you aren't focusing on good form and habits -- you could be wasting your time. Focus on practicing proper form and focus on moves that will help you achieve your individual goals. Find someone to help you create a workout that works for you.


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