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Eat Clean By Avoiding Late Night Meals

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We've all gotten those late night munchies. Sometimes you get them after dinner, when you're sitting down to watch a movie before bed. Sometimes you get the urge right before you brush your teeth and feel like it's your last chance to get something sweet in your system. Sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night, can't go back to sleep, and just know that if you eat that one piece of pie, you'll fall soundly to sleep again. Resist late night meals!

Eating after 7 at night is not ideal for your health. Here is why:
  • The body stores calories that are eaten at night as fat, making the body gain weight instead of utilising it as energy. 
  • At night, just before bed, individuals tend to pick comfort foods and snacks that will not provide any nutritional benefit. 
  • Intermittent fasting, or cycling between periods of eating and periods of not eating during the day, is proving to be a good way to enhance weight loss and lower basal insulin, triglycerides, and blood glucose. Optimally, the fast should take place from 7pm and last until breakfast the next morning. 

This can be difficult for individuals who sometimes have to stay at work late or have late workouts, but it is a good habit to start.

This simple habit can make all the difference in how healthy you feel and look.

And while this guide provides you with all of the basic information you need to get started, it's always good to take all the help you can get. To make sure you have the deeper information that is essential for you to see success with your nutrition and health, get our complimentary eBook

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