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Teaming up for a healthier happier you

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With never ending demands on our time it can feel as though we are drifting away from the people we love. We strive to make healthier choices for ourselves and our families but tend to become overwhelmed. Our responsibilities to others grow heavy and we push our own needs aside. There are times when we just are not enough to motivate ourselves. It may seem as though your efforts toward a healthy life are causing you more trouble than it's worth. 

Don't do this alone, it's time to bring it all in and share the stress. A healthier happier you can begin by building your TEAM.

Step 1: Building your team

Who do you know that could benefit from a little support on the road to a healthier life? A friend you haven't had the time for or sibling you've been neglecting. That significant other you would love to see travelling beside you, maybe just the kids who need a push toward a healthier future. Chances are you know someone who wants to bring their life into a better balance and will be happy to have a supporting team mate to share the load.

Step 2: Sharing the benefits and sharing the stress

Whether it's motivation, nutrition or just fresh ideas you are struggling with, no longer will you be there alone. Your team will be invaluable when you are found in rut of any kind. By delegating responsibilities or simply having someone bring another voice to the table you will feel the lightning of the stress load that can come with a lifestyle change. Not only will there be someone else to choose workouts and mix up the menu but to share in the celebration of daily success. Keep each other positive and focused.

Step 3: Team Nutrition

It is often an unreasonable goal to overhaul the foods we eat or overturn our weekly menus all at once. With the help of another you can take the foods you are already eating and alter them to be beneficial to your goals. By swapping and revising old recipes you can easily improve the nutritional value of already familiar food. Here are helpful questions to revamp and old recipe.

  • Do any of the unhealthy ingredients stand out as unnecessary?
  • Is there anything you can add or substitute to bring in more nutrition?
  • Will changing the cooking method make this recipe healthier? 

The road to better life can be challenging but always worth the benefits. Build your team, share the responsibilities and celebrations. Stay motivated and have FUN.  

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