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The Power Of Partnerships To Get Fit

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Ideally, a partner helps us know our blind spots, encourages us through rough spots, and celebrates with us when things go well. Strong partners can bring out our best, and we can tap into the power of partnerships to help us reach our fitness goals. 

Commit to get fit

Beyond an initial resolution to pursue a healthier lifestyle, it is critical that we understand fitness as an everyday pursuit. Sustaining efforts toward fitness until they become a lifestyle is key. Choose a like-minded partner who views fitness as a necessary part of a happy and healthy life. 


Encouragement for the road ahead

We all need a kind word or a friendly push from time to time. A partner who understands our goals, who cares about our health, and who wants us to succeed can be just the help we need to keep going. Encouragement can help us get to the gym when we're tired or busy. It can help us resist that platter of sweet treats. Confiding in a partner can help us clarify our problems and consider new solutions.


Fuelling up

The internet abounds with simple recipe ideas for healthy eating. Work with your partner to experiment with different recipe ideas. Together, discover new foods you love! Try some variations on delicious smoothies for great snacks or meals on the go. Need help to get started? Click here for Australia's updated food pyramid to help bring the right balance to your plate.


Keep going and keep it fun

Setbacks, plateaus, and frustrations are normal parts of any change worth making. Be realistic in your goal setting and celebrate the small successes along the way. That said, getting and staying fit need not be a drudgery. Many activities are focused, fun, and designed to mesh well with busy lifestyles. For more information, contact us to learn how Core9 can help you, and partnerships to get fit.

Come down now


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